Volkswagen Polo Price Comparison

I bought through the price comparison site quotezone. I picked it because a friend recommended it. The questions were very clear and straightforward. There were also less questions than on other sites, as Quotezone more or less just stuck to the necessary basics. This made the process far quicker, and I was very pleased that the entire process did not take more than around 6 minutes. Also, once I had finished the questionnaire, the terms and conditions came up immediately, and after I read them, ticked the box, and pressed the “Compare Quotes” button, the quotes page immediately appeared. I was very impressed as it stated at the top of the page that they had found 43 different quotes. And that the cheapest one was 110.66. So in just one short sentence and 6 minutes, everything was clear. The different categories for cover were very clearly displayed at the top of the page, and it was very easy to see the benefits and drawbacks of each provider.

However I thought that the home page was a bit messy as it had too many things on it. When filling out my details I found the drop down menus a bit difficult to use. The type was quite small and not very bold. After asking whether you are a home owner, the next question is: “select your home insurance renewal month.” I went to the site for a care insurance quote only. The company should simply give a button to press if people are interested in home insurance. Also, there was a question asking what business I am in. This should not be relevant to the application. Furthermore, after I finished filling out the questionnaire, I was very surprised to read that as part of their service to us, the company has authorised up to 3 insurance companies which have given me the cheapest quotations, to talk more about my quote either by SMS, email, post or telephone. It didn't want anyone phoning me and it ruined the whole experience for me. In the event I bought a policy for £110.66. The lowest monthly premium added up to just £117.90 but it included a 20% deposit and I really couldn't be bothered with the extra fuss.

I did get one phone call from a broker who sounded a bit miffed when I told him I'd already bought a policy online.
Audrey Morrison

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