Paying monthly for my Ford Focus car insurance

I bought through car insurance comparison site My car is a Ford Focus Studio TDCI Diesel Manual.

The first thing that struck me as impressive about the website is its clean interface and hassle-free navigation. Also, I like the fact that there is no need to register or sign up with the website in order to get a quote; instead, it’s a simple 4 step process/system. The first step entails entering details about the car, the next is the personal details section and then cover preferences. Finally, in the last step the results or quotes are displayed. Apart from this, the company has been recognized for providing quality quotes for the past decade, a fact which is highly impressive. Another factor about the website that really impressed me was the fact that it is completely free. Also, I like the fact that the resulting quotes from my search and saved in a ‘Personal Quote Centre’ which can be reviewed at any time.

One of the instant off-putting feature of the website when I was obtaining a quote was the contact details section. Quotezone required a Daytime Telephone number, an Evening or home telephone number and a mobile number (optional). What’s more, I could not navigate to the next page until I put in valid numbers in these sections. Sure enough, I was getting a lot of spam calls from insurance companies. Since they paid a premium to obtain my contact details therefore they were pressurized into selling me policies and the whole experience was just infuriating and annoying.

Even though there were negative points, my overall experience with has been satisfactory.

The lowest lowest lump sum price I was quoted was £598.34 I settled for monthly repayments of £57.02 a month. So it's cost me £85.90 in credit charges which I think is extortionate. However the total cost was still omree than £200 less than the renewal premium I was offered by my current insurer (who I'm not allowed to name - shame!) so overall I'm happy with it.

Ryan Blair

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