Insuring a VW Polo on a tight budget

I have owned a VW Polo 1.4 car for the past two and a half years. I bought the first year's insurance upfront at a cost of £427.18. This included roadside cover. It also took account of the fact that my car is kept in a locked garage when not in use. I arranged the insurance online. After a year, it became more convenient to pay my car insurance in monthly instalments. My existing provider sent me details of the forthcoming year's single annual payment and also how much it would cost to pay in monthly instalments. Both figures included one year's no-claim bonus. I then ran my details through an online comparison site, which reassured me that my existing insurer was offering a good deal.

Paying monthly was going to add £40 to my annual premium. I decided to phone the insurer to see if they could improve on this. I explained that I was considering switching from an annual payment to monthly ones. I also mentioned that my husband had a car, a BMW X5, which we were interested in adding to a multi-car policy, particularly if that would bring down our overall payment. To complicate matters, we were proposing paying the X5's insurance in a single annual payment. Finally, I also queried whether I ought to be entitled for a bigger discount, reflecting the fact that my car was kept in a secure garage.

The call centre worker I spoke to was able to give me a monthly quote for my Polo that I was happy with. This new figure was based on the assumption that we would switch the X5's insurance to my insurance company when its existing policy expired. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I live in a rural area, where thefts from outbuildings are relatively common, I was not eligible for a bigger discount for keeping my car in a garage. Despite this, I agreed to take out the policy on my car and set up a standing order for the payments.

I am continuing to pay my car's insurance premium monthly, although I will probably be looking to switch at the end of the current payment period. This is due to the fact that, in the last renewal, my overall premium increased by £20, even though I had made no claims on the policy. Additionally, the insurer notified me that roadside cover was being removed from my policy going forward and that I would have to pay for it separately if I wanted this element of the cover to continue.

I was happy with the cost of my insurance policy for the first two years of its life. After the recent rise, I am now a little less happy, although I understand that car insurance premiums have risen across the board, regardless of age, gender and driving experience.

What are other motorist' experiences of monthly car insurance?

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