Mercedes 200E 4 door saloon 1990 Automatic

I got quotes from The home page of the website that came up was very clear, concise and easy to navigate. There is a notice telling people that it takes about 5 minutes to get a car quote. To me, that is very important to know, as having a family and working as well, I do not have hours to spend searching for quotes on the internet. In the past, finding a quote that was suitable has taken me several hours over a couple of days. And so this advantage with means that I will be returning to their site. I was glad to read on the home page that this company is the 1st and longest running comparison site for insurance in the UK, as that gives me confidence in their service, and makes me want to get me quotes from them. The box to press for car insurance was big and clear. However, there were things I disliked too.

It annoyed me that there were so many questions. There were more than other companies have. Some of the questions were not necessary and intrusive, such as what kind of work do you do, and what type of industry is it. Other sites simply ask if you are employed. I was also very annoyed that you have to waste time and set up an account, when you may never want to use the company. This was all very time consuming for no reason. I was then annoyed even further as I had to prove I was not a robot by clicking several pages of pictures with numbers, and if that was not enough, even though I answered correctly, I then had to click pages of food. I fully understand that a capcha check has to be made - but I have never had to do something like this before.

The lowest lump price I got was £191.56 and the lowest monthly payment was £19.72. I thought this was quite reasonable but the payment in full wasn't as much as I was expecting so I took that option instead.
Sharon Brooks

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