Why I didn't pay for my cover monthly

I came to this site because I thought the cover would cost me more than it did and I didn't think I'd be able to afford a yearly policy. The first thing that caught my attention when I was looking for a quote on the website was the fact that comparethemarket.com offer a ‘2 for 1’ price for cinema tickets on buying car insurance from them. This, I feel, is a nice touch and it makes the customers feel ‘pampered’ almost. Also, Comparethemarket.com has a wide selection of car insurance products from fully comprehensive to young drivers to third party drivers to student insurance policies. The website’s interface and design is also very clean and easy on the eye, thanks to the generous dose of the calm blue color. I was also pleasantly surprised by the generous presence of insightful or educational content on the website. From the viewpoint of a newbie (in terms of car insurance), the website was definitely very helpful and enlightening.

I was less impressed by the fact that their website tends to make assumptions about the type of customer one is and the type of policy that one wants. This is because these assumptions tend to produce the cheapest quotes and policies. Of course, while the cheap prices in the results page are cheerful, they are basically useless for my case because the entered details aren’t compatible with my van. Thus, it is necessary to take extra care to ensure that one doesn’t just skim through the application process. Instead, one will have to check the default choices carefully and produce accurate and applicable results. Other than this, I also find that the website has less choice in comparison to other popular insurance comparison sites in the UK.

The website is not necessarily bad because it delivers what it promises: insurance quotes. I was quoted £483, which was a lot less than I expected, or a monthly payment of £63. Since the quote for the up-front payment was so reasonable I opted for that. I managed to make good savings by opting for a lump sum insurance price for the van because there is no need to pay interest, which would have been the case when it comes to monthly payment.

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