Pay month to month, or not?

I got quotes via your site from They are definitely one of the top names in the UK when it comes to comparison for car insurance policies. It is reputed as the first and longest running comparison site (for insurance) in the UK. Personally, I like the fact that they search through 119 insurance companies or providers such as Tesco Bank, Privilege, Churchill, Provident, Saga, Admiral, etc in order to get the best deal or quote for my car. I like having options for browsing and this website displays the special offers provided too, which is definitely a huge plus point! I also like the fact that the website has a ‘car insurance price index’ section which offers a detailed downloadable report of the analysis of UK car insurance pricing. The website services are quick and easy and it takes no less than 10 minutes to retrieve a quote.

However: I hate the fact that one has to create an account and log in for the purpose of obtaining a quote. I tried to get past this step but the website doesn’t allow one to proceed with the car insurance quote without signing up and logging in first. Another major flaw of is that even though it says that the website is ‘secure’ and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), there are chances of getting spammed. For instance, I checked on the box which says that I do not want to be contacted about quotes but I received some 5-6 calls from random companies trying to sell their insurance policies post after signing up with their website. Also, the customer care service of the company is rumoured to be really poor; however, I haven’t had the need to contact them yet as I was just retrieving a quote.

I am not really a fan of, so I would definitely look for another comparison website that is more hassle-free when it comes to obtaining quotes. The cheapest lump sum price I was offered was £680 and the lowest monthly payment was £62; a difference of about £64 which I thought was reasonable. However I didn't buy on this occasion.
Debbie Callan

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